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Jewelry Care

Your jewelry from JOY•GRACE•LOVE should last you a long time providing proper care is taken before, during, and after wearing the product.

Try to remove jewelry before showering or bathing, grooming and before doing any type of household chores such as washing dishes. Chemicals can be very abrasive and ruin the finish of fashion jewelry.

Be especially careful of chlorine bleach, window cleaner, oven cleaners and bathroom cleaners. When you get ready in the morning, don't put your jewelry on until the very last thing before you begin your day. If you have bathed or showered be sure your skin is dry. Water and personal care products can tarnish and dull the finish of your jewelry including hair spray, cosmetics, skin care products and perfume.

Fashion Pieces:   Some fashion pieces can show slight wear and discoloration over time and this is normal. Small crevices and crystals or gemstones can become dusty or dirty and so you can use a very gentle soapy warm (not hot) water (liquid hand soap is fine), and an old soft toothbrush to clean crevices. *Do Not Dunk the jewelry pieces in water.*  Try to use as little water as possible, just enough to wet the surface to be cleaned.  Be sure to thoroughly dry with a soft cloth. 

Sterling Silver pieces:  When some jewelry, especially jewelry with sterling silver, is exposed to oxygen in our air, a natural process called "tarnishing" occurs where it may appear dirty and lose some of its shine. Luckily enough, there are ways to prevent and clean tarnish from silver-based jewelry! Certainly, wearing your silver jewelry helps prevent tarnishing, but many of us have too much to wear at all times, so we have to leave some at home from time to time.

First and foremost, try storing your unworn jewelry in the smallest airtight container possible for each piece, or multiple pieces. For example, this could be those small airtight containers for tea leaves or even plastic baggies, but the general goal is to reduce the amount of oxygen that can reach the jewelry.

However, if you have jewelry that is already tarnished or your preventative methods aren't working as planned, that's ok! You can use a basic mixture of diluted hand soap and warm (not hot!) water to clean most tarnishing. Cover your hands in slightly warm water and add just enough soap to cover your hands, but as little as possible to do so. Our goal here is to reduce any chemical contact to the jewelry wherever possible. Typical liquid hand soaps are gentle enough for this purpose. Then, take a soft cloth and massage the areas of your jewelry that are tarnished, using your hands where necessary. 






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